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hestia Luxury Apartments in Athens | Hestia Luxury Apartments | Athens, Greece



At Hestia Kolokotroni 23 we have created the ideal destination for the ultimate hospitality experience. We always seek the highest quality and comfort for our guests. For this reason, we have chosen to equip all our rooms with COCO-MAT sleeping systems, offering a totally refreshing and relaxing stay to our guests.COCO-MAT mattresses are known for their high quality and the feeling of absolute comfort they offer. They are made from natural materials such as natural latex, cotton, wool, and natural fibers, ensuring a great sleeping environment. With the signature COCO-MAT, you can be sure that your body and mind will enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. It is important for us to offer a pleasant stay to each of our guests.As we know that sleep plays a vital role in the body's recovery and energy, we have chosen COCO-MAT’s top-of-the-line systems, specially designed to provide the ideal support and well-being during your sleep, helping you to wake up refreshed and revitalized every morning. We look forward to hosting you at Hestia Kolokotroni 23 and offering you an exceptional stay with COCO-MAT mattresses that will give you the most restful sleep you have ever experienced.

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