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hestia Luxury Apartments in Athens | Hestia Luxury Apartments | Athens, Greece

Hestia Kolokotroni 23

A luxurious stay in the heart of Athens

Downtown Athens has in recent years transformed itself into a real gem, from its pedestrian streets and
café scene to its cultural attractions and gastronomic delights. Right in the middle of it all and very close
to Athens’ main square, Syntagma, our brand-new collection of apartments and studios – Kolokotroni 23
– offers the best base ever to experience Athens like a true local.

While the immediate neighborhood holds enormous charm, the apartments on the inside will also be
impressed with their modern décor featuring a late-70s element. Whitewashed walls, light wooden
tones, teal couches, and ochre-colored pillows conspire to create a space that you immediately want to
live in.Large, bright windows for maximum sunlight, fully stocked kitchens with regular-size fridges,
COCO-MAT brand nature-based mattresses with additional comfy top layers, superb air-conditioning,
olive-infused toiletries, and plush bathrobes also await the guests at Kolokotroni 23.The roof garden is
a private space open to all guests if you feel like catching some sun without ever leaving the premises,
while the laundry room on the last floor also adds a welcome convenience.

Step outside, and you’ll be surrounded by a maze of small streets and pedestrian alleyways filled with
street-food eateries, Greek tavernas, ethnic restaurants, curious boutiques, funky pubs, and delightful
cafés, almost at every turn. Walk to every archeological attraction, and explore nearby neighborhoods
by foot, such as cozy Psyrri, happening Monastiraki, or grandiose Plaka and the Acropolis hill.Stroll two
minutes to Ermou Street, the city’s main shopping pedestrian road, or head to upmarket Voukourestiou
Street which leads to Kolonaki, Athens’ most prestigious neighborhood. Practically every worthy
attraction in Downtown Athens is within walking distance! This is what you’ll get when you stay here in
one of our newest and most modern apartments, and it’s all yours to discover.

Deluxe Apartment

Our second biggest apartment, the Deluxe Apartment, will win you over with its open plan. The kitchen and its island that doubles as a dining table add a very modern element, while the living area and sleeping area are large enough to make you feel perfectly comfortable. There’s a walk-in closet that lets you through a lot of your belongings inside so that the space always stays neat and welcoming. And if you’re two people, you’ll find the separation between the shower and the WC a welcome convenience. Natural toiletries and fluffy bathrobes will make your grooming rituals even more enjoyable, while the top-brand bedding COCO-MAT (complete with a separate extra layer for added comfort) ensures a good night’s sleep. Whether you want to cook up a storm for yourself and your friends or want to laze alone in front of the TV, the Deluxe Apartment will not fall short of your expectations.


There’s only one loft apartment with its very own terrace on our property, and you’re going to fall in love with it. Representing the only studio on the sixth floor, it is simply ideal for those who want to stay alone in the city or for couples who want privacy and intimacy along with a secluded rooftop terrace. When it’s just too sunny, you can automatically lower the electric awnings on the terrace to enjoy the breeze without the heat. Indoors, a high-quality queen-size bed by renowned brand COCO-MAT, a comfy teal sofa, and a smartly equipped kitchenette give you the freedom to rest, cook, watch TV, sleep soundly, or stream your own music. A refreshing shower with our Olive Era line of toiletries and ultra-soft bathrobes also adds to your stay.

Penthouse Apartment with Hammam

If you’re a family of three or four, reserve this one-of-a-kind apartment immediately. It’s ultra-comfortable with two king-size beds (mattresses and bedding by COCO-MAT), three bathrooms, a therapeutic hammam area right in the middle of the apartment, a luxurious bathtub, and its very own washer/dryer. It’s everything you could possibly want on vacation, including a fully stocked kitchen, two widescreen television sets, and a spacious sitting/dining area that’s a great place to relax or entertain. Our largest apartment boasts two king-size beds and two television sets, with the sleeping areas with its own bath that can be isolated from the rest of the apartment.

Premium Apartment with Hammam

This is one of our most interesting room types across all our properties, thanks to the fabulous Hammam that creates a steam-filled environment for the ultimate self-care experience: deep breathing, scrubbing, exfoliating, detoxing, relaxing and bathing can all be part of your very own Hammam experience. Premium toiletries and bathrobes are included! The rest of the apartment is equally impressive, with a separate bedroom with its own TV, COCO-MAT brand bedding, as well as a comfy living/dining space with another TV. Set the environmental controls as you like or crack the windows open when you feel like airing your space out. If you want a more open-air experience, head up to the roof and enjoy our rooftop terrace, reserved exclusively for our guests. It can’t get much better than this!

Explore the Area


Milos is not just a restaurant, it’s a gastronomic experience with a stunningly white-dominated design that combines marble, wood, and light to create a cozy and elegant atmosphere. There’s an on-ice display where you can see and choose the fresh fish and seafood that can then be prepared for you. This might be a Greek seafood restaurant, but it packs world-class appetizers like sashimi, ceviche, or tartar. Follow with a whole fish or a fish filet or try some of the signature dishes like grilled octopus, lobster pasta, or lamb chops. Finish off with baklava, yogurt with honey, or chocolate cake.

You’ll be delighted that there’s a modern Mexican restaurant on 3 Kolokotroni Street, barely a minute from your apartment. Superb nachos, mouthwatering quesadillas, and bursting burritos set the stage for a great Mexican meal, along with Argentinian beef dishes and burgers for the more carnivorous guests. Open for lunch and dinner, this restaurant will also woo you with its fine desserts and excellent cocktails.

The delicious and authentic taste of Greek cuisine can be found at Feedel Urban Gastronomy, with classics like moussaka, souvlaki, and spanakopita, along with more original fare like the grilled octopus with fava puree, the lamb shank with orzo, or the vegan burger with beetroot sauce. The portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable, so you will leave feeling satisfied and happy.

This cozy and authentic place boasts delicious Greek cuisine. It is a family-run business that offers a variety of dishes made with fresh and local ingredients. Try the grilled octopus, feta cheese wrapped in filo pastry, boiled greens for a health boost, or the homemade tzatziki and hand-cut fries. For the main course, choose from a range of meat, fish, and vegetarian options – for example, lamb chops, pork chops, grilled sea bass, giant beans in tomato sauce, and stuffed peppers.

Souvlaki meets kebab at this Greek eatery with an Anatolian twist. You’ll find your meat served often with creamy yogurt and a side of onion, bringing out the robust eastern flavors of the region. Great for meat lovers, this place also has hearty salads topped with feta that work sublimely with the food on offer. It’s so close that you’re better off walking around downtown to digest before heading back to Kolokotroni St.

If you happen to like more robust tastes and ethnic street fare based on authenticity, walk a few steps to Curry Express and you’ll be rewarded with an explosion of flavors. This is one of our favorite Indian places, and our vegan friends were very happy with the choices there too. Everything is illustrated on a side wall, which you can’t miss if you walk about down the road from our apartments. Great too for taking out and back to your apartment or our common roof terrace.

There are many Greek restaurants in Downtown Athens, but only a handful stand out. This chef-driven restaurant is one of them, thanks to the tireless travails of well-known chef Nina Ismirnoglou who prizes the highest quality ingredients and introduces more novel Mediterranean touches to the kitchen. Traditional salads, savory pies, and grilled meats can all be enjoyed here, but also rarer delights such as turkey meatballs, shrimp dumplings, and braised pork with caramelized quince.


Here’s a nearby cozy coffee shop on a pedestrian street with a homely feel, offering both indoor and outdoor seating. Drop by for practically any kind of coffee, whether it’s the famous Greek iced coffees (called ‘Freddo’) or Italian-style lattes. You can also order freshly squeezed orange juice. Like many cafes in Greece, this one also doubles as a pub so you can order a drink any time of the day as well!

Would you like a fancy coffee or tea on the go, along with some sweet bites to go with it? This quality place with its knowledgeable baristas will delight every coffee or tea connoisseur, all for very reasonable prices. Perfect for grabbing something and walking around the pedestrian streets of Downtown Athens.

This “secret” café might be situated in Syntagma Square, the country’s most popular and most important square, but most people don’t even know it’s there! That’s because it’s on a rooftop, right above the ‘Public store’. Head into the store and take the elevator to the last floor, and you’ll be surprised by both the vibe and the views. Oh, and there’s food too!

Pubs and Bars

Embracing a movie theatre theme with lots of popcorn, this bar around the corner is a very close option for an easy night out, with both indoor and outdoor seating that works for all seasons. It’s just around the corner! You might see an international crowd, especially in summer, but it’s not too touristic and has a more intimate vibe than many other places. Go there for a couple of cocktails and you won’t be disappointed.

Even the name of this concept street bar is intriguing, but so are the cocktails, food, and DJ music! The place’s own description is pretty accurate: “Urban fine drinking cocktail street bar in the center of Athens with a menu that changes daily.” It’s barely a couple of minutes from our property and a great outdoor city-street choice that lets you feel the Athens vibe at its best.

Are you a beer person? Then this place is for you. It boasts craft beers, draft beers, local beers, international beers, alcoholic drinks, bar food and so much more. Clients are impressed with the variety, while the place itself boasts a funky industrial design and a huge display. Every beer lover is singing this joint’s praises online for the most part, and the staff is ready to give insights and tips on the different beers served.


This is one of our favorite traditional bakeries, established in 1910, so it’s over 100 years old! Ariston is known for its delicious traditional savory pitas, as well as its sweet custard pie (called ‘Bougatsa’). If you’re into cheese, the Kourou cheese pie is highly recommended. Vegans can enjoy a good variety of savory pies too! Beware that by noon stocks dwindle, so go procure your favorites in the morning. Great if you want to bring it back to your apartment too or to create a ‘picnic’ on our roof garden!

Here’s another traditional bakery in Downtown Athens, and this one has a variety of bread to choose from, apart from the salty pies or pitas. Also worth trying is the Koulouri, a kind of Greek sesame bagel baked to perfection (wholewheat variety available too). Sample the famed Greek pies, take a specialty bread home with you, and get a dozen cookies. You might find that the basic Greek cookies are harder than you’d like, but they’re a great accompaniment for coffee and tea back at the hotel.


If you like donuts, you’ll love the Greek version of donut holes, called ‘Loukoumades’. This place puts a twist on these honey-drenched dough balls, with a variety of mouthwatering toppings and finishings. Sinful yet satisfying, this dessert might not be ideal as an everyday event but it’s definitely a treat worth indulging in while you’re here.

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it! And your ice cream too. This robust variety of desserts is sugar-free and vegan, so go ahead and enjoy. You’ll find an eye-opening variety of ice cream flavors that appeal to everyone, including those on a dairy-free or plant-based diet. The same applies to those must-try guiltless desserts such as pistachio cheesecake, banoffee cheesecake, brownies, and cinnamon buns.


Close by and convenient, this tourist-friendly pharmacy has experience in finding equivalents of foreign-based medications, helping with tax refunds for visitors, and offering recommendations for common ailments. Beauty products such as well-known Greek brands Apivita and Korres are also on offer. Open every weekday from 8 am to 9 pm, closing at 5 pm on Saturday and closing all day Sunday.

Probably the closest to Kolokotroni 23, this pharmacy is barely two minutes away by foot and offers a good range of beauty and personal care products, apart from all standard medication. You’ll find that the pharmacists generally speak good English and will be able to advise you on minor medical issues and on items offered. A majority of foreign travelers who have visited the pharmacy were quite satisfied, according to online reviews! Opens every day from 9 am to 9 pm, closed on Sundays.


Practically across the road, Bazaar is a smaller supermarket that still manages to offer practically anything you can think of, perfect for stocking up your fridge and preparing meals in-house. You’ll find personal care items, wines, fresh produce, cold cuts, and so much more. Its location means that in half an hour you can get yourself completely settled in, and true to its name, the prices are very good too!

Vassilopoulos represents Greece’s more high-end supermarket chain, which beyond all the standard items, will fill in the blanks with more specialty stuff, from vegan pesto and firm tofu to organic produce and plant-based milks. It’s a short walk away, yet ideal if you’re a picky shopper or a gourmet diner. Drinks and wines abound as well, while the historic downtown building that houses the supermarket is itself an attraction.


This nearby museum used to be the seat of the Greek parliament from 1875 to 1935, and it has many exhibits and artifacts that showcase the political and social life of the country. Check out the original chamber where the lawmakers debated and voted, the office of the prime minister, and the throne room where the king received foreign dignitaries. Admire the impressive architecture and sculptures that adorn the building, such as the bronze statue of Theodoros Kolokotronis, a hero of the Greek War of Independence. The museum is open every day except Monday, and admission is free. It’s a great way to spend an hour or two and get a glimpse of the past and present of Greece.

It’s all about the money at the Numismatic Museum, except that the money literally dates from some 2000 or 3000 years ago! Whether you’re a coin collector or just curious about the history of money, you should visit this museum, one of the oldest and most important in Greece, with a collection of over 600,000 coins from ancient to modern times. You can see how coins were made, used, and circulated in different periods and regions, and learn about the cultural, political and economic aspects of each era. The museum is housed in a beautiful neoclassical building that was once the home of Heinrich Schliemann, the famous archaeologist who discovered Troy. Enjoy a coffee or a snack in the museum’s garden, which is a peaceful oasis in the busy city center.

Greece’s famous Benaki Museum has many fascinating branches in the city of Athens, and this one as well astound you with its collection, especially if you love history and art. The museum showcases the rich and diverse heritage of Greece from ancient times to the present day. Admire stunning exhibits of pottery, sculpture, jewelry, paintings, costumes, and more. Learn about the social and political events that shaped the Greek identity and culture. The Benaki Museum of Greek Culture is both enjoyable and insightful for anyone who wants to explore the beauty and complexity of Greece.


A nearby pedestrian gem of a street that offers many places to dine in, Aiolou St. is a mix of fine Greek restaurants, a pizzeria, a falafel shop, and some old Athenian shops. Smack in the middle lies Agias Irinis square with its church (Saint Irene), representing a trendy café-bar locale for young Athenians with a flower shop in its midst. From hip pubs like Naked Ath. and Tailor’s House to the gay-friendly Rooster, this square is worth a stop as you explore Aiolou.

Athens’ main shopping street, known as Ermou or Hermou (named after the Olympian god Hermes) lies very conveniently two roads parallel to Kolokotroni St., where our apartments lie. Ermou is a pedestrian circus of a shopping street where all major brands are available, along with many Greek ones. Clothing, shoe stores, bags, beauty stores, and so much more grace this busily attractive street, where you’ll also run across the charming Kapnikaria Church (over 1000 years old) in its midst. Around there, you’ll find cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and interesting shops to explore.

Greece’s Parliament with the iconic change of the guards, the historic Grande Bretagne Hotel, and the Royal Gardens – now a lush public park behind the parliament – are just some of the attractions around Syntagma Square, just steps away from our property. Under the square lies the central metro station where two of the three metro lines meet underground, and where archeological remains from Ancient Greece, found at this very spot, can be seen on display.

Guess what, you’re just a few minutes away by foot from one of Athens’ most charming old neighborhoods, complete with small clothing boutiques, tourist shops, eateries, archeological sites, and charming old villas all mixed up in one cozy neighborhood. Mostly pedestrianized, Plaka is a joy to walk in and see Athenian life unfold, where tourists and locals mix and mingle like there’s no tomorrow. The upper Plaka area, or Anafiotika, looks like a neighborhood from a Cycladic Island, so it’s worth visiting as well!


The Royal Gardens in Athens, also known as the National Gardens and just a few blocks away, are a green oasis in the heart of the city. They were commissioned by Queen Amalia in 1838 and designed by the German agronomist Friedrich Schmidt. The gardens feature a variety of plants, trees, flowers, and even animals in a little zoo, as well as monuments, statues, and fountains. Open to the public, they offer a peaceful retreat from the urban noise and traffic, representing valuable heritage and a source of inspiration for the Athenians today.

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