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hotel athens greece | Hestia Luxury Apartments | Athens, Greece

Hestia Luxury Apartments | Athens

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Hotels in Athens | Hestia Luxury Apartments | Athens, Greece

Athens has it all

Athens is a friendly city with raw edges. Historic buildings and modern architecture alternate as you walk towards the Acropolis. After a while, you start to notice the difference between the neighbourhoods. This is how locals must feel, you think as you move through the streets, busy with traffic but all in a jovial manner. Each block of houses has its own coffee bar, small diner or restaurant – Greeks like to eat out, and it makes the city exceptionally lively. The people in the streets are friendly and welcoming, and the food is delicious.

As you near the Acropolis it gets more and more touristy. You stop and stare at one of the many giant murals that colour the city. Painted by local street artists, these masterpieces have become part of the urban fabric, forming artistic landmarks throughout the city. When you finally reach Athens’ most iconic historical site, you feel like you’ve travelled through time. Athens, you really have it all.

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